First John 3:18 Ministries

"My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth."

Customer Testimonials

"We have been blessed to be a part of the C.A.F.E. Coalition. It has really made a difference in my  community" - Kimberly Nance, CEO , Moms 4 Christ Outreach Ministry

"I was talking to a very wonderful woman of God about somewhere that may be able to assist me with a furniture donation for my home. She referred me to Pastor English and his ministries and told me that he may be able to give me some assistance. I called him at the very same moment and he was able to give me an appointment to meet with him within an hour to discuss how the program works. I was so excited! I drove down to the church to sign up, and was able to get an appointment for furniture within three weeks of my application. I am so grateful and thankful that everything worked out in my favor and was able to get some great furniture that was in awesome condition to put in the home I was moving into. I would like to say THANK YOU Pastor English for your assistance and the kindness of your ministries. It was truly a blessing!" - Ms. R

"Greetings and blessings to all who read this testimony! Pastor English was able to help my family with our Georgia Power light bill that was severely past due. I had made an arrangement and was told that there would be no further discussion made about my account because no other arrangements could be made. So Pastor English suggested that we call them again anyway but that we should pray first. So we prayed and he encouraged me as we held on to speak to a representative. Pastor English was very honest with the rep on the phone and told her my situation. Not only was she able to push the date out, she reduced the minimum amount due!!! Georgia Power said no other arrangements could be made but God said yes!! God has the Final say!! I am extremely grateful For Pastor English and his ministry for all of the help that has been given to my family." 

- Kamilah Jamerson

"I have been a member of First John 3:18 ministry for a few years. All I can say is that it has been a holy alliance. Pastor English is such a humble, caring, giving, and anointed, God-fearing man that it draws you closer to God when you experience his dedication and faith in God. The ministry is truly blessed to be able to bless others. And to do it in the name and love of God" - Sis. Kressie

"Thank you for the groceries!" -Mary

"I first came in contact with First John 3:18 Ministries from a Craigslist ad. Free Food--Free Furniture I called and met with Pastor English. After learning the scope and nature of his program I asked how could I get involved. The very next day I assisted with the Saturday morning Feed the Hungry Outreach. That was my initiation into this Ministry. From there its been full steam ahead! Won't you come join us? You'll be glad you did!" - Ms. O

"I just wanted to share my story hoping it will bless someone else and help strengthen their faith in God. If God did it for me God will do it for you. Just a little less than a month ago, my children (7) were homeless. We were in a hotel and had to check out the next morning. God used a woman to bless us and pay a deposit and first months rents on a BEAUTIFUL HOME. We have no furniture but Pastor English and his team have a program that is giving my family eight beds, a living room and dining room set. I also had an issue with the power company. They wouldn't let up. Pastor English called them with me and prayed. The outcome was just as I expected. They took less than what I had and the electric service remained on. If you have just a little faith God will perform miracles. There is no situation too hard for Our Father." - Michelle Holley

"My initial contact with First John 3:18 Ministries was when I was looking on Craigslist for any opportunity to get employment. While I was looking in the FREE section on CL I noticed a post offering to help with Food and Furniture. I gave Pastor English a call and me and my children met him up at the church where he was very thoughtful and kind. Pastor English presented us with some much needed provisions. I am very thankful for this Ministry. Far to often in my life I have come across Ministries that lacked what I needed both as a human being and spiritually. This Ministry is filled with folks that will show you the true love of Christ. Me and my children went to Sunday service on 8/09/2015 and I was so amazed at how genuine people were. We had no way to get to church so Pastor English arranged for Pastor Thomas to come pick us up. I love the people over at First John 3:18 Ministries. You should stop on by and experience the love and kindness that me and my family witnessed. GOD Bless everyone over at First John 3:18 Ministries!" - Terry Lawrence